Wedding Chateau Bregançon – getting married french riviera

wedding chateau Bregancon

The Château of Brégançon is situated in a wonderful and glamorous private estate, ideal for weddings. The wedding réceptions take place on the very spacious terrace of the Château overlooking the Italian gardens with a breathtaking view of the bay, the Islands of Port-Cros, Porquerolles and of course the renown Fort de Brégançon.
A+A created a union combining both strength and charm. It was with these themes in mind that their wedding unfolded.
The beautiful Jewish wedding took place at the Chateau de Brégançon. It was a story book wedding: the French Riviera, a castle overlooking the ocean, a Jewish ceremony framed by the Mediterranean, flowers galore, etc.

Because these two loves simply don’t do anything half-way, they decided to marry on the most sweltering day of the year. To say the least we almost all died of heat-stroke!

Each of the men must have changed shirts at least four times throughout the day, in regards to the women, I have to doubt that their perfect hairdo’s lasted the evening 🙂

Not even the heat slowed down this posse, who, as you will see, partied all night. An outdoor meal accompanied by a wild orchestra, I can attest that this wedding is one for the books!!

Amazing jewish wedding french Riviera

In my time as a photographer, I have never experienced an atmosphere quite like this one. Every single person was moving on the dance floor, none forgotten, from ages seven to seventy-seven!

I was accompanied by my friend and colleague Ivan Franchet.

Wedding location: Château de Brégançon
Orchestra: Vogue Live band
Wedding dress: Célestina Agostino
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Florist: L’atelier des fleurs à Carqueiranne
Videographer: MG Image

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