Wedding Annecy – Getting married Abri Côtier

Wedding Annecy

Today’s wedding Annecy was truly incredible.
I’ve been to perhaps 150 or 200 weddings and I’ve never experienced something quite like this…

The day began calmly with preparations among girlfriends: laughter, jokes and champagne in a darling house in Annecy.

At the Church Saint Laurent d’Annecy le Vieux, Amélie and Arnaud made their vows to love each other regardless of pitfalls and that whole shebang…you know the saying 😉

We headed towards Annecy Lake for couple photos before rejoining the guest at the L’abri Côtier.

I honestly love this space: it’s gorgeous, well-placed, on the riverfront and the staff is completely cool. Everything came together for a great evening.

But call it as you may, one simply cannot count out chance, destiny or flukes on a day like this one. After one and a half years of preparation had finally come together for this wedding, assuring the tiniest details, planning the schedule of the day… life had other plans.

Magical wedding in French Alps

Around 10pm I headed for a bathroom break (look how honest I am!), and boom, a waiting line comparable to Black Friday. The rumor circulated that the Grooms cousin’s water had broken, she was 8 months pregnant…

But of course!!! The girl had to wait for her cousins wedding to give birth.

I didn’t believe it for a second and amongst all the alcohol it seemed to be simply a rumor told by a tipsy guy. It’s then that said young woman appeared before me. I began realize that “rumor” of this drunk guy is not just a just rumor and the young woman is ready to give birth before me!

My dear reader, don’t fret, the entire birth did not take place before my eyes. The firemen arrived and took the future mother to the hospital.

Several hours later, a beautiful baby was born. The final anecdote: the little one’s was given the middle name of the young Groom, and in a blink of the eye the world made this night even more magical.

This wedding was extraordinary from the beginning to the end. True love, the Bride and Groom full of joy and guests who could not have been more kind made this a night I will not forget.

For everything, thank you.
Amélie et Arnaud, thank you for bringing me into your adventure. It was beautiful, touching and full of love. Very much like the two of you.

Location: Abri côtier
Wedding dress: Caroline Takvorian
Decorations and Flowers: Fleurs de fée
Make-up and Hair-styling: Sui Sim pour Home concept

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